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TENA Pants Plus, Super, Maxi

Total security and soft comfort for good skin health

Protecting independence

At TENA, we understand the needs of residents and those being cared for at home. For those with moderate to heavy leakage, who are still mobile, maintaining independence is essential. TENA Pants offer a secure and comfortable solution for men and women, that can be particularly reassuring for those experiencing dementia.

Offering a comfortable and worry free solution

TENA Pants have improved features to give even more protection:

  • Improved anti-leakage barrier now higher and softer, with coloured threads 
  • Unique dual absorption zone - W-shaped core keeps moisture away from the body 
  • New additional elastic threads in leg opening for improved comfort
  • Odour neutraliser controls odours for extra confidence 

TENA Pants plus

Meet Mary


Helping you give men and women the products they need

At TENA we are constantly monitoring the market, and coming up with ways to evolve our range of products, to improve the lives of people living with incontinence.

Security and comfort are the key needs

For people with moderate to heavy incontinence, security and comfort are the most important product benefits. They want continence solutions that will keep them secure and comfortable day and night. That’s why we have improved our most popular TENA Pants with new features.

Partner with TENA Pants to provide total security and comfort for the greatest reassurance.


  1. Pairwise test on TENA Pants Plus in UK, Germany, Poland, Sweden and US with 580 respondents. (2016)