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TENA Skin Health

Combining skin care and continence care for healthy skin

Healthy skin is vital to quality of life

TENA is a world-leader in continence care, but many people don’t know the role our products and services play in keeping skin healthy. Skin care and continence care are inseparably linked. That’s why we provide an integrated solution, which combines innovative continence care and skincare products. Together, with our services and support, they contribute to maintaining healthy skin and improving quality of life.

Helping you to meet individual Skin Health needs

The three most important factors in Skin Health are moisture reduction, proper cleansing and protection. The TENA assortment works together to address all of these aspects. The integrated range can be tailored to the unique individual needs of those needing care, providing the right product to the right person in the right way.

Watch our video and discover our proven solutions for better skin health

Nurse advising
TENA assortment
The TENA assortment
84 %

of staff agree TENA Skincare and cleansing products provide better skin protection than what they used before* [1]

Preventative care creates benefits for everyone

Skin problems, such as incontinence-associated dermatitis, are easier to prevent than they are to remedy. Taking an integrated preventative approach to Skin Health benefits the end user, the professionals delivering care, and the wider organisation.


* In the framework of TENA Solutions and the implementation of TENA good practices
1.  SCA data on file (staff questionnaires): All statistics are based on results from between -65 TENA Solutions case studies involving 550-569 respondents (depending on questions) around the world, mainly Europe but also USA and Canada. Results vary across countries and care homes. 2012-14.